Senate Advances Measure with Strongest Protections for Innocent Unborn Children in Years


The Bill Will Also Help Ensure the Health and Safety of Women In Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY— The Senate advanced a measure this week that closes loopholes in Missouri’s abortion laws and further protects First Amendment rights. During the Second Extraordinary Session of the 99th General Assembly, the Legislature was called to protect the lives of the innocent unborn and ensure the health and safety of women in the Show-Me State. Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said a recent judge’s ruling ending certain safety standards led to the urgency of passing these bills now instead of waiting until next January. Continue reading “Senate Advances Measure with Strongest Protections for Innocent Unborn Children in Years”

Bringing Life Back to the Bootheel

The Game-Changing Measure Passed in Special Session

When Noranda closed last year, New Madrid and the surrounding areas saw 900 jobs leave. Since then, the economy in Southeast Missouri has been deeply crippled by the loss of its aluminum smelter production. The average household income has dropped $6,000 in New Madrid County. The 8th Congressional District is now the 11th poorest district in the country. Nine of the 10 poorest counties per capita income in the state are also in the 8th Congressional District. Families looking for work have been forced to leave the area or receive welfare. At some times, it seemed as if our area was never going to bounce back. Continue reading “Bringing Life Back to the Bootheel”

Senate Approves Measure That Could Bring Hundreds of Jobs to the Show-Me State


Bill Now Awaits Governor’s Signature

JEFFERSON CITY—The Missouri State Senate gave approval today to a measure that could create hundreds of jobs for Missourians. It also includes various consumer protection provisions to address concerns held by some legislators. Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said this measure will promote and foster economic growth across the state. Continue reading “Senate Approves Measure That Could Bring Hundreds of Jobs to the Show-Me State”

Job Creation – the #1 Priority

Building a Job-Friendly, Pro-Worker Environment

The first time I walked into the beautiful and historic Capitol building as an elected official, I thought, well what I am I going to do next? It didn’t take me long to realize what our state needed was exactly what I worked on doing as mayor of Joplin – job creation. Since that first day, my number one priority in the Legislature has been finding ways, some new and some innovative, to create jobs in our communities. Continue reading “Job Creation – the #1 Priority”

Sen. Richard Discusses the 2017 Legislative Session


Jefferson City- Senator Ron Richard (R-Joplin) met with members of the press to discuss the 2017 legislative session.

Session Scorecard


Senate Provides Strong Economic Developments Tools to the Show-Me State

Labor Reform and Tort Reform Lead the Issues on the Governor’s Desk

JEFFERSON CITY— The First Regular Session of the 99th General Assembly came to a close today as the gavel fell at 6 p.m. After five months, senators will return back to their home districts as the Constitutional deadline passes. Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said while this session seemed frustrating at times, the quality of the bills passed is much more important than the quantity. Continue reading “Session Scorecard”

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