January 2017

Sen. Dan Brown on the Benefits of Right to Work


Working for You

It’s Time We Hold Unions Accountable to Hard-working Missourians #momiracle

For six years, I’ve worked on trying to make Missouri a state that reflects workers’ freedom. While we debated, argued, and waited for six years, we watched the right-to-work states continue to grow and top the list for manufacturing jobs. Right-to-work states have lower unemployment rates. They also enjoy the benefits of higher private-sector job growth. They’ve enjoyed economic booms, the kind Missourians can only dream about. Continue reading “Working for You”

Senate Advances First Priority – Right-to-Work

Measure Will Lead to Stronger Economic Growth in the Show-Me State


JEFFERSON CITY— For the second time in history, the Senate has advanced legislation that will make the Show-Me State the 28th right-to-work state. Senate Bill 19, which bars forced unionism, passed with an overwhelming majority. Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said this was the first step in fundamentally changing the way Missouri does business and moving the state forward. Continue reading “Senate Advances First Priority – Right-to-Work”

Missouri Senator Mike Kehoe Discusses the Past Week in the Missouri Senate


Putting People Back To Work

The statewide call to bring opportunity back #momiracle

Have you ever sat in a three-legged stool that wobbled? I cannot recall ever having done so. People much smarter than me, and with a bunch of letters behind their names, say that a three-legged stool is sturdy because three points of contact form a plane and provide stability in all three dimensions.  For too long, Missouri’s economy has lagged in comparison to states across the nation, in particular, many of our neighboring states and those in the southeast. In effort to making Missouri more attractive to businesses, keeping and growing those who are already here, and becoming a destination for new businesses, the Senate is pursuing an agenda based upon the stability of a three-legged stool:  labor reform, tort reform, and regulatory reform. These legs coincide with Gov. Greitens’ vision for the state as articulated in his State of the State address on Monday, as well as with the efforts of the House of Representatives. Continue reading “Putting People Back To Work”

Missouri Sen. Dan Brown Discusses the Importance of Passing Right-to-Work


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