Achieving the “Missouri Miracle” #momiracle

Unfinished business…it’s the nagging project that is nearly done, but for some reason you can’t cross it off your list. It the smallest of details left uncompleted on your assignment that has taken decades to finish. Some days you think you will never see the final product. However, for Senate Republicans, on Jan. 9th, that changes. We will finally put the last pieces of the puzzle together to complete the masterpiece that will come be known as the “Missouri Miracle.”

After years and years of the governor vetoing our economic development ideas, concepts, and legislation, we have the unique opportunity to transform the Show-Me State into a pro-worker, pro-transparency, and pro-taxpayer environment. For the first time in eight years, we will work with a Republican governor. With Gov.-elect Greitens, we have many new opportunities and possibilities that will help us fundamentally change our state and move Missouri forward.

This session we will work to help create jobs, increase meaningful work training programs, and a smaller, better government. We will push legislation reforming Missouri’s legal climate to be fair and structured to attract, rather than discourage, investment to our state. We will cut back harmful red tape and work to end the overreach of government.

If we can bring all of these issues together, the issues will promote and encourage economic growth – we will achieve the “Missouri Miracle.” Together these measures will help us bring investment into our communities. They will help us make Missouri a pro-worker state, ripe with high-skilled manufacturing jobs.

We have a lot to do, but I am confident we will finally finish the job. In the next five months, the Senate will be hard at work conducting our business in a way that rises to the grandeur of the great state of Missouri. History will remember our efforts as the “Missouri Miracle.”

Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin

District 32