Missourians Deserve an Economically Competitive State #momiracle

We all know the tale by heart now – Missouri’s economy is lagging. Population is dwindling as more and more Missourians are moving to surrounding states to seize better opportunities. Hardee’s moved its headquarters to right-to-work Tennessee. We lost jobs because Regal Beloit, a small motor plant in Springfield, moved its operations to right-to-work Texas and Mexico. Missouri’s Bootheel has been decimated by the lack of having right-to-work. Why would you bring a car manufacturing plant to Missouri when you can go to neighboring Arkansas, Tennessee, and now even Kentucky?

We aren’t just fighting to bring jobs into the state. We are fighting just to be on the list of possibilities. We can do better, and this year we will.

Until this week, overcoming political obstacles to finally make Missouri the next right-to-work state seemed impossible. This week, we took the first step in making workers’ choice a reality. Right-to-work upholds the freedom of every American to work for a living without being compelled to belong to a union. By allowing workers’ choice, we are cultivating a free and fair environment in our state.

Reforming government union law in Missouri is pro-worker, pro-transparency, and pro-taxpayer. Studies have shown right-to-work states have higher levels of economic growth, attract more new business, and see a bigger increase in job creation. The amount of new manufacturing jobs are also higher in right-to-work states.

In order for the Show-Me State to be competitive with our surrounding states, we must foster a better environment for our communities, businesses, and Missouri families. Let’s create a competitive business climate. Let’s join our surrounding states, experience our own economic boom, and achieve the Missouri Miracle.

Sen. Dan Brown, R-Rolla

District 16