The statewide call to bring opportunity back #momiracle

Have you ever sat in a three-legged stool that wobbled? I cannot recall ever having done so. People much smarter than me, and with a bunch of letters behind their names, say that a three-legged stool is sturdy because three points of contact form a plane and provide stability in all three dimensions.  For too long, Missouri’s economy has lagged in comparison to states across the nation, in particular, many of our neighboring states and those in the southeast. In effort to making Missouri more attractive to businesses, keeping and growing those who are already here, and becoming a destination for new businesses, the Senate is pursuing an agenda based upon the stability of a three-legged stool:  labor reform, tort reform, and regulatory reform. These legs coincide with Gov. Greitens’ vision for the state as articulated in his State of the State address on Monday, as well as with the efforts of the House of Representatives.

During his first State of the State address, Gov. Greitens rightly characterized Missourians as hardworking people who want good, quality, high-paying jobs. He challenged the Legislature to be strong and bold in transforming Missouri’s economy to grow jobs and increase wages. In the Senate, we have already begun moving legislation that will fundamentally change the way we do business in effort to set the stage for a radical economic transformation. Government, in and of itself, cannot and will not transform Missouri’s economy, but government must establish a framework that gives Missouri businesses opportunity to operate and prosper. To do so, they need a robust labor market, a fair legal environment, and fewer government regulations. The Legislature can, should, and will help set the table for business to grow, expand, and relocate to Missouri.

Labor reform, tort reform, and regulatory reform create a steady platform upon which a better Missouri economy will be built. With two labor reform bills and a tort reform bill already on the calendar, Missourians can rightly expect the Senate to focus on these priorities beginning soon and continuing throughout the course of the entire legislative session.

Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City

District 6