It’s Time We Hold Unions Accountable to Hard-working Missourians #momiracle

For six years, I’ve worked on trying to make Missouri a state that reflects workers’ freedom. While we debated, argued, and waited for six years, we watched the right-to-work states continue to grow and top the list for manufacturing jobs. Right-to-work states have lower unemployment rates. They also enjoy the benefits of higher private-sector job growth. They’ve enjoyed economic booms, the kind Missourians can only dream about.

Today, I will leave the building feeling confident we will be on that economic boom list. We have passed Senate Bill 19 out of the Senate. As long as we get it to his desk, Gov. Greitens has proven to be a right-to-work advocate, and workers’ freedom could finally become a reality.

Today I also leave the building confident that we will be holding unions accountable to their workers. Right-to-work is the single biggest policy that can help protect worker’s freedom to choose whether a union works for them. No one should be forced to join an organization against their will. Instead we will encourage unions to work even harder to represent the interest of the members who are paying dues.

 The government isn’t interfering with the right of companies on how to do their business; it’s giving the employees the freedom to work for those companies and the right to spend their paychecks how they see fit. We are giving the power to make decisions back to the employees, not union bosses. It’s your money – you should make the decision of how to spend your own money. Unions should be working for you.

Right-to-work creates a competitive business climate. Allowing businesses the opportunity to create better jobs with growing incomes will lead to stronger economic growth. I am proud of the work my colleagues and I have done over the last six years. While it might have seem like a pipe dream, today we know we are that much closer to making it our reality.

Sen. Dan Brown, R-Rolla

District 16