February 2017

Sen. Schatz Discusses Importance of SB 113



Missouri Senate- Senator Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, discusses why he believes changes to the state’s workers’ compensation laws are needed to help promote a better business climate in Missouri.

Balance is the Key to a Successful Government

Reforming our Workers’ Compensation System

Successful government is often about balance. This week, the Senate debated the issue of balance between employees who have filed workers’ compensation claims and their employers. Continue reading “Balance is the Key to a Successful Government”

My Vision: More Jobs, Higher Pay, Stronger Economy

Investments for the Future #momiracle

I started this session with a vision. In my last two years in the Missouri Senate, I want to make the Show-Me State more attractive to future investments. Right now, we aren’t just fighting to be the state chosen; we are fighting just to be on the list of consideration. I want to fundamentally change the way we do business in this great state. Continue reading “My Vision: More Jobs, Higher Pay, Stronger Economy”

Senate Approves Bill That Ensures Open and Fair Competition in Public Projects

Measure Address the Problems of Union-Only Project Labor Agreements


JEFFERSON CITY— The Missouri Senate this week advanced the Fairness in Public Construction Act that creates an open and fair environment when it comes to building schools, libraries, and other public buildings. Senate Bill 182 addresses the unfair practice of union-only Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) imposed by political subdivisions. Continue reading “Senate Approves Bill That Ensures Open and Fair Competition in Public Projects”

The Balancing Act

Unnecessary Liability and High Health Care Costs – How We Can Create Positive Reforms for Doctors, Hospitals, and Patients #MOMiracle

Health care costs are skyrocketing across the country. While there are many contributing factors we can’t control, there is a factor in Missouri we can control: reducing hospitals’ malpractice liability. Continue reading “The Balancing Act”

Sen. Onder on the Problem of Union-only PLAs


“Now is the time to end the discriminatory, wasteful, inefficient practice of union-only PLAs.” – Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis

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