March 2017

Sen. Cunningham Discusses SB 35


Jefferson City- Senator Mike Cunningham (R-Rogersville) met with members of the press to discuss the importance of Senate Bill 35. The legislation requires the state to provide public notice whenever it seeks to purchase land on the behalf of any state department. Prior to the purchase, the department must provide notice on its website, to elected officials, in a newspaper and hold a public hearing in the affected.

Pushing Back on Government Overreach

Putting a Stop to Future Shady Land Grabs

In the Senate, we have been focused this session on stimulating economic growth and creating more jobs across the state. But as we move forward, we also have to take some steps to undo some of the actions by the former administration that continuously sought to expand its powers without any thought or consideration for the people who will be directly affected. Continue reading “Pushing Back on Government Overreach”

Keeping Missouri Workers in Missouri

The Importance of Encouraging Job Training Programs in the Show-Me State #momiracle

Eleven weeks ago, I made it my priority this legislative session to create jobs in Missouri. So far, the Senate has held strong to that commitment. From passing right-to-work legislation to advancing tort reform measures, we are encouraging companies to come or stay in the Show-Me State. But, it’s not just labor and tort reform that make a difference. While these are major parts of the equation, we also need a skilled workforce. That’s why it was so important that we approved Senate Bill 10. Continue reading “Keeping Missouri Workers in Missouri”

Picking Up the Tab for Obamacare’s Failure

What We Can Do In Missouri to Control Costs

When Obamacare was signed by its namesake exactly seven years ago, we were sold a utopian dream of health care for all, lower premiums, and no disruption in care for those who already had insurance. What we got, instead, was a trail of broken promises, misleading claims, and outright lies (anyone remember the “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” promise that eventually became Politifact’s 2013 lie of the year?) about was what sold as the Affordable Care Act but bears little resemblance to “affordable”. It could quite plausibly be rebranded the “Unaffordable Care Act” and few would see the joke because of just how unaffordable health care has become. Continue reading “Picking Up the Tab for Obamacare’s Failure”

Crafting the State Budget

Creating a Balanced Budget – Line-by-Line

Every year Missouri Legislators are sent to Jefferson City and required to do one thing – craft a balanced budget that will run the critical functions of the state’s government. After six years of serving on the Senate Appropriations Committee, this year I am serving as chairman. Understanding the budget process isn’t easy. You must analyze all budget lines carefully and look for ways to find savings to make sure we are being attentive to Missouri taxpayers’ money. Continue reading “Crafting the State Budget”

Opportunity and Certainty – Rolling Back Red Tape

How Missouri Can Benefit from Less Federal Regulations

To build a successful business it requires risk, opportunity, a growing economy, and a lot of hard work. For the last eight years, business owners, farmers, and consumers have experienced limited opportunity and a tepid economy. What we have seen is a surplus of bureaucratically conceived rules and regulations that waste time and money and give government ever increasing amounts of power and influence. Continue reading “Opportunity and Certainty – Rolling Back Red Tape”

Creating Jobs with a New Transportation Option for Missourians

Across the country ridesharing companies are changing the way people think about transportation. Using technology to match riders with drivers, these companies are an innovative way for people to get from place to place while creating thousands of new jobs. Continue reading “Creating Jobs with a New Transportation Option for Missourians”

Sen. Onder Discusses First Half of Session


Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis, said, “This session we pledged to focus on economic growth and job creation to give Missourians the jobs and economic opportunity that they deserve.”

Steadying that Wobbly Stool

Senate Departs for Spring Break with Major Successes to Celebrate


Before this session, the three legs of the stool upon which Missouri’s economy rests were exceedingly weak.  This weakness directly inhibits job growth and stagnates opportunities. However, in these last 11 weeks, the Senate has worked to stabilize and strengthen these weak legs. We have approved labor, tort, and regulatory reforms that will increase opportunities for all Missourians. Missouri is becoming stronger and we are increasing our ability to compete not only with our neighboring states, but nationally and internationally. Continue reading “Steadying that Wobbly Stool”

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