The Importance of Encouraging Job Training Programs in the Show-Me State #momiracle

Eleven weeks ago, I made it my priority this legislative session to create jobs in Missouri. So far, the Senate has held strong to that commitment. From passing right-to-work legislation to advancing tort reform measures, we are encouraging companies to come or stay in the Show-Me State. But, it’s not just labor and tort reform that make a difference. While these are major parts of the equation, we also need a skilled workforce. That’s why it was so important that we approved Senate Bill 10.

Job-training programs enhance workforce skills. They also attract and retain employers and working families in our communities. Currently the Missouri Works Job Training, a program dedicated to increase the skills and productivity of the state’s workforce, is very complicated. Projects are funded by redirecting withholding taxes remitted by a qualified company for new or retained jobs created by the company. It’s hard to create new jobs without that money directly on hand.

Senate Bill 10, however, will allow qualified companies to receive up-front funding to create new jobs. Having funds immediately available will also open up the program to more small businesses that want to participate. This will allow the General Assembly to appropriately balance incentives with demand to encourage economic growth. It also allows for more flexibility among community colleges to provide training when perspective employers consider the state of Missouri to relocate.

Job training programs like Missouri Works Training program keep our state competitive. Whether it’s on-the-job training or in a classroom setting, this program helps companies upgrade their workers’ skills. That keeps Missouri workers in Missouri.

Job training programs are just one more part of fostering economic growth in Missouri. In these last seven weeks of session, we will continue to encourage job creation in all industries and communities in the state. We want to give Missouri more tools to use that will put the Show-Me State on the list to entice businesses and individuals to move to the state and expand.

Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin

District 32