March 2017

Creating Jobs with a New Transportation Option for Missourians

Across the country ridesharing companies are changing the way people think about transportation. Using technology to match riders with drivers, these companies are an innovative way for people to get from place to place while creating thousands of new jobs. Continue reading “Creating Jobs with a New Transportation Option for Missourians”


Sen. Onder Discusses First Half of Session


Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis, said, “This session we pledged to focus on economic growth and job creation to give Missourians the jobs and economic opportunity that they deserve.”

Steadying that Wobbly Stool

Senate Departs for Spring Break with Major Successes to Celebrate


Before this session, the three legs of the stool upon which Missouri’s economy rests were exceedingly weak.  This weakness directly inhibits job growth and stagnates opportunities. However, in these last 11 weeks, the Senate has worked to stabilize and strengthen these weak legs. We have approved labor, tort, and regulatory reforms that will increase opportunities for all Missourians. Missouri is becoming stronger and we are increasing our ability to compete not only with our neighboring states, but nationally and internationally. Continue reading “Steadying that Wobbly Stool”

Mid-Session Review: Senate Shows Commitment to Creating Economic Development Opportunities


Making Missouri a More Business-Friendly State Tops List

JEFFERSON CITY—When Missouri senators head back to their districts this weekend, they can celebrate one of the most successful starts in the state’s history. At the beginning of session, Senate leaders in the majority rolled out their three-legged plan to help create more economic development opportunities for the Show-Me State. Those legs include labor reform, tort reform and regulatory reform. Continue reading “Mid-Session Review: Senate Shows Commitment to Creating Economic Development Opportunities”

Sen. Kehoe on Session Successes


Sen. Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City, discusses session successes so far – “We’ve been able to have the tough discussions & work through a lot of issues.”


Thirteen Words

How a Simple Few Terms Can Stop Overbearing Government Regulation

 Beating back big government can be as simple as adding thirteen words to current law. This week, the Missouri Senate did just that. Continue reading “Thirteen Words”

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