January 2018

Restoring Essential Services to our Seniors

Taking Care of Some of Our Most Vulnerable Citizens is our Priority

Last year was a tough budget year for the state of Missouri. Lawmakers had to make some hard decisions. Unfortunately, one of last year’s budget reductions was the MO Rx program. This budget situation forced the General Assembly to reauthorize the program for dual eligible (Medicaid and Medicare) recipients only, reducing the program’s enrollment by about 25 percent. The move saved the state about $12 million, but for many of us in the Senate, that $12 million came at too high a cost. Continue reading “Restoring Essential Services to our Seniors”

Sen. Hegeman Discusses Senate Bill 591


JEFFERSON CITY – We are currently facing difficult decisions in our state about how we can fund our roads, education, health care, and programs for senior citizens. The Low Income Housing Tax Credit program has merit. However, by lowering the cap, we can make this program more efficient and a better value to Missouri taxpayers.

Sen. Hegeman Discusses SB 590


JEFFERSON CITY  – Historic Preservation tax credits were originally supposed to be self-limiting because only a certain amount of historic property exists in the state. Today, the program has grown to $140 million. While this is a great program and very successful, it comes at a cost to Missouri taxpayers. The question is, do we continue the program at the $140 million level, or are there other needs around the state that could benefit from those resources, like the elderly, disabled, and our veterans.

Making Missouri a Model State

By Reining in Regulations, We Can Create a More Encouraging Business Environment

More regulations means more money out of pocket for many of our farmers and small business owners. For far too many years, the amount of new regulations in Missouri was outpacing the federal government. It’s time we hold these regulations by the reins and take a more conservative approach to governing the Show-Me State. Continue reading “Making Missouri a Model State”

Senate Majority Leaders Announce Priority Issues for the 2018 Legislative Session


Job Opportunities and Creating a Better Environment for People to Live, Work and Conduct Business Are High on the List

JEFFERSON CITY— Creating a smaller, better government that helps to create jobs and increases meaningful work opportunities will be this year’s focus according to Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, and Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City. The Senate Majority leaders made the announcement today (1-3) as the Second Regular Session of the 99th General Assembly commenced. Continue reading “Senate Majority Leaders Announce Priority Issues for the 2018 Legislative Session”

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