Senate Advances Measure That Will Halt Abusive Practices by the DOR


The Bill Will Correct Some of the Department’s Flawed Policies

JEFFERSON CITY— The Missouri Senate today advanced a measure that ensures the Department of Revenue does not overreach it’s authority by creating unfair and unnecessary taxes on consumers and businesses. Senate Bill 16 exempts delivery charges from sales and use taxes.  Continue reading “Senate Advances Measure That Will Halt Abusive Practices by the DOR”


DOR’S Flawed Policies

Halting Aggressive Practices

In a perfect world, we would have a limited government that only interferes with essential, critical, and core functions. But, when certain tax measures are necessary, they should be applied fairly across the board to every citizen and business. We have learned from recent history that is not always the case. Continue reading “DOR’S Flawed Policies”

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