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Making Missouri a Model State

By Reining in Regulations, We Can Create a More Encouraging Business Environment

More regulations means more money out of pocket for many of our farmers and small business owners. For far too many years, the amount of new regulations in Missouri was outpacing the federal government. It’s time we hold these regulations by the reins and take a more conservative approach to governing the Show-Me State. Continue reading “Making Missouri a Model State”


Session Scorecard


Senate Provides Strong Economic Developments Tools to the Show-Me State

Labor Reform and Tort Reform Lead the Issues on the Governor’s Desk

JEFFERSON CITY— The First Regular Session of the 99th General Assembly came to a close today as the gavel fell at 6 p.m. After five months, senators will return back to their home districts as the Constitutional deadline passes. Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said while this session seemed frustrating at times, the quality of the bills passed is much more important than the quantity. Continue reading “Session Scorecard”

Opportunity and Certainty – Rolling Back Red Tape

How Missouri Can Benefit from Less Federal Regulations

To build a successful business it requires risk, opportunity, a growing economy, and a lot of hard work. For the last eight years, business owners, farmers, and consumers have experienced limited opportunity and a tepid economy. What we have seen is a surplus of bureaucratically conceived rules and regulations that waste time and money and give government ever increasing amounts of power and influence. Continue reading “Opportunity and Certainty – Rolling Back Red Tape”

Creating Jobs with a New Transportation Option for Missourians

Across the country ridesharing companies are changing the way people think about transportation. Using technology to match riders with drivers, these companies are an innovative way for people to get from place to place while creating thousands of new jobs. Continue reading “Creating Jobs with a New Transportation Option for Missourians”

Sen. Onder Discusses First Half of Session


Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis, said, “This session we pledged to focus on economic growth and job creation to give Missourians the jobs and economic opportunity that they deserve.”

Steadying that Wobbly Stool

Senate Departs for Spring Break with Major Successes to Celebrate


Before this session, the three legs of the stool upon which Missouri’s economy rests were exceedingly weak.  This weakness directly inhibits job growth and stagnates opportunities. However, in these last 11 weeks, the Senate has worked to stabilize and strengthen these weak legs. We have approved labor, tort, and regulatory reforms that will increase opportunities for all Missourians. Missouri is becoming stronger and we are increasing our ability to compete not only with our neighboring states, but nationally and internationally. Continue reading “Steadying that Wobbly Stool”

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