Majority Caucus Senate Leaders Welcome Former Colleague to the Office of Governor

JEFFERSON CITY – Leaders of the Missouri Senate’s Majority Caucus issued the following statements after the governor’s remarks during Monday’s joint legislative session. Continue reading “Majority Caucus Senate Leaders Welcome Former Colleague to the Office of Governor”


Sen. Richard Praises Legislative Cooperation

JEFFERSON CITY – Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, praises lawmakers’ bipartisan cooperation throughout the 2018 legislative session at a press conference in the Missouri Capitol on Friday, May 18.

The Final Days

Taking a Look Back at the Last 16 Years at the Capitol

It’s been nearly 16 years since I first walked into this beautiful, historic Capitol building as a legislator. Today, I feel very fortunate to have spent so much time here. As a senator, you are representing thousands of Missourians. People are counting on you to create jobs, put more of their hard-earned money back into their pockets and protect our essential state services. Continue reading “The Final Days”

Missouri Legislature Approves Measures to Increase Economic Development Across the State

Business-Friendly and Job Creation Bills Receive Top Priority

JEFFERSON CITY – As the Second Regular Session of the 99th General Assembly came to a close today at 6 p.m., Senators returned home to their districts knowing the bills they passed this session will fundamentally change the way Missouri does business. From labor reform to tax reform, the measures passed over the last five months will boost economic growth and build stronger communities across the state. Continue reading “Missouri Legislature Approves Measures to Increase Economic Development Across the State”

Senate Approves Government Worker Protection Act

Measure Adds Transparency and Accountability for Public Unions

JEFFERSON CITY— The Missouri State Senate advanced a pro-worker bill this week to add transparency to government labor unions and ensure employees are in control of their hard-earned money. Known as the Government Worker Protection Act, this measure creates a number of protections for workers and for taxpayers. Continue reading “Senate Approves Government Worker Protection Act”

Senate Approves $28 Billion Operating Budget

Budget Includes a Record Funding Increase to K-12 Education, Restores Cuts to Higher Education and Includes State Employee Raises

JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Senate sent the nearly $28 billion dollar operating budget back to the Missouri House of Representatives this week. The only Constitutional mandate for the Missouri State Legislature is to pass an on-time, balanced budget. Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said it’s always a delicate balancing act making sure we are spending taxpayers’ money effectively and efficiently while still taking care of the state’s most vulnerable citizens. Continue reading “Senate Approves $28 Billion Operating Budget”

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